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Puppy and Kitten Care

A Lifetime of Health for Your Puppy and Kitten at Venetian Pet Hospital

Puppy and Kitten Care

When you first bring that squirming little puppy or kitten home, you may be so preoccupied with all the all fun times you'll have that you haven't yet though about the essential care your new friend needs. From dietary choices to preventative medications, these babies need a special degree of veterinary attention as they grow up. That's why you should bring your new pet to Venetian Pet Hospital for a variety of primary puppy or kitten care services.

What Baby Animals Need

Baby animals such as puppies and kittens enter the world at elevated risk for certain health concerns. For one thing, their immune systems haven't had a chance to build antibodies against some of the most deadly (and commonplace) infectious diseases. They may also have parasitic worms in their systems which were passed to them from their mother. Meanwhile, fleas and ticks are waiting to suck blood out of, and transfer diseases into, these delicate animals. Preventative steps such as de-worming, vaccinations, and (when your pet is old enough) flea and tick medication are therefore necessary early steps in your puppy or kitten's veterinary care journey.

Food is another issue that must be considered. Unlike adult animals that may do fine with one or two feedings a day, newly-weaned puppies and kittens may require four meals a day to get the protein and calories they need for normal growth and development. This amount then needs to be scaled down gradually as your pet gets older. We can advise you on the right food choices and portion allotment for your furry friend.

Last but not least, you should spay or neuter your puppy or kitten before he reaches sexual maturity. This procedure can provide him with a lifetime of protection against reproductive diseases, including several types of cancer.

Primary Care From Venetian Pet Hospital

Our veterinarian, Dr. Varon, recommends a series of wellness exams for puppies and kittens. These exams allow us to check your new pet for any problems while also de-worming your pet and advising you on diet, training, and home care practices. We administer several sets of core vaccinations during the first year of your pet's life, reinforcing his body's disease immunity. When the time is right, we can perform a spay or neuter surgery and put your pet on preventatives to ward off fleas, ticks, heartworm and other infestations.

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