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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Holidays can be a stressful time for pets, especially when visitors fill up your home. By taking precautions, however, you can avoid accidents and make this season a joyous occasion for your feline or canine companion. In the event of an accident, contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton for emergency veterinary care. The following tips can help keep your pet safe this holiday season.

Holiday Decorations

Keep your pet away from the tree and decorations to reduce the risk of accidents. Wires, tinsel, and glass ornaments can pose a risk to playful pets. Shards from a broken ornament can cut your pet’s mouth and tinsel can obstruct kitty’s digestive tract if ingested. Anchor your tree securely to keep it from tipping over and injuring your pet and don’t allow him to drink tree water as it could make him sick.

Holiday plants such as mistletoe, holly, and lilies can cause nausea and diarrhea in a dog or cat if ingested. To be on the safe side, consider decorating with silk or plastic holiday flowers instead.

Holiday Treats

Holiday treats may attract your pet’s attention, but can be harmful to his health, so avoid feeding him table scraps. Make sure your pet is fed on a regular schedule during the holidays so he won’t beg for food from your holiday guests. Keep your pet away from the buffet table during holiday parties so he doesn’t snatch anything. What’s good for you may be toxic for him, so be vigilant and guard his health.

Holiday Travels

If you’re traveling with your pet during the holidays, make safety a priority. Put your pet in a crate or carrier when traveling by car. Carriers should be placed in the back seat and secured with a seat belt to keep them still during your trip. If you love your pet, never allow him to ride in the back of your pickup.

See Your Vet

For quality veterinary care this holiday season and year round, contact your Stockton veterinarian from Venetian Pet Hospital at (209) 477-3926.