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Pet Dental Month

Pet Dental Care

Pets, like their human friends, have important health needs, including dental care.  Unlike humans, they can’t care for their own teeth. When infections and other issues arise with pets’ gums and teeth, it can lead to serious health problems.  A common problem in humans’ and animals’ teeth is the accumulation of plaque. If it remains in the mouth, it leads to the gums breaking down from tartar buildup. Because gum infections, like other infections, can spread throughout the body, you should schedule appointments with Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton with our veterinary dentist for regular tooth cleanings.

Professional Dental Care

Veterinarians will ensure you avoid dental problems, a very important step in overall pet health. For small dogs and cats, visiting the dentist once a year is recommended for examinations and cleaning; for large dogs, every two years is a good amount of time. Veterinary dental cleanings are always done under general anesthesia to make sure the pet doesn’t get stressed out and to allow the veterinarian to safely and thoroughly clean teeth. Scalers will be used to clean under the gums, remove tartar and plaque, and clean the sides of all the teeth. The teeth will be polished to create a surface that’s more plaque resistant. If the teeth are bad, bloodwork, dental X-rays, and extractions may need to be done.

Daily Dental Care

Pet owners play a critical role in maintaining healthy mouths in their pets. Crunchy, dry cat or dog food is a great line of defense, but healthy mouths require more steps and care. Daily tooth-brushing is recommended by our veterinarians. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are suggested, and be sure to use toothpaste that’s fluoride free and made for the type of pet you have. Dental treats are also available.

Visit Us for Your Pet’s Next Dental Cleaning

For all your pet health and dental care needs, call Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton. We believe in having child and pet friendly waiting areas, treating all animals like our personal family, and providing friendly, professional service. Call us at (209) 477-3926 for your next appointment.

How do you care for your pet’s dental health at home? Let us know in the comments.