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Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

If you intend to take a trip in your vehicle with your cat or dog in tow, keeping them safe while away from home is a concern. Part of the preparation required in traveling with a pet is making an appointment at Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton to meet with our veterinarian. Here are some tips to use when traveling with your pet, including why veterinary care is necessary, before heading out on the road.

Make Sure Your Pet is Secure

When your pet is riding in a vehicle, it is best that you have a containment system available so they do not have the chance to run out if you decide to make a stop. Cats fare well in carriers for trips. Place a blanket in the bottom of the carrier to help keep your pet comfortable. If you are riding with a dog, use a leash to secure them to a chair. This will ensure your pet does not get away from you in an unfamiliar area and will help to keep them away from the driver's seat as you travel.

Bring Along Some Supplies

Your pet will need a few supplies on hand when traveling. Make sure to pack food that your pet eats regularly, as you may not be able to locate their favorite brand or flavor while on the road. Switching your pet's diet could lead to digestive trouble. A warm blanket will help to keep your pet comfortable and will have the scent of your home on it to relieve anxiety in some animals. It is important to bring along your pet's medical history documentation in case you need to see a vet away from home.

Make an Appointment for Veterinary Care

Before taking a trip with your pet, it is best to have them checked over by our veterinarian. This way, if your dog or cat is suffering from a medical condition, they can be treated properly before you leave. Contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton to make an appointment for veterinary care by calling (209) 477-3926.

Do you take your pet on road trips? Share your experience in the comments.