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Cold Weather Tips for Pets

When freezing temperatures are present, pets are at risk of frostbite and hyperthermia. Because of this, it is important to take steps in protecting your dog or cat from harsh conditions. If you think your pet is suffering due to freezing temperatures, contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Here are some cold weather tips to consider and how veterinary care can help if your pet was exposed to unsafe temperatures.

Avoid Going Outdoors and Boost the Heat Inside

When the outdoor temperature plummets, it is best to refrain from allowing your pet outdoors if possible. This is especially true if wind chills make the temperature even colder, leading to possible problems if your pet remains in these conditions for too long. Instead, invest in an indoor mat for dogs to use as a bathroom area when the temperature drops. For cats, keep a litter box ready as a backup bathroom spot if they usually use the outdoors for elimination. Increase your home's temperature by turning up the heat when frigid temperatures arrive.

Use Protection on Your Pet's Feet

If you must go outdoors with your pet, protecting the pads on the undersides of their paws is extremely important. Rock salt can cause a burning sensation to these tender areas and can actually crack the skin. Dog booties work well at covering pads on the feet. Applying petroleum jelly to a cat or dog's foot pads also helps to protect them.

See Our Veterinarian for Help

If you discover that your cat or dog was outdoors for an extended time period when the temperature was below freezing, they may act lethargic or have nerve damage. It is best to contact our veterinarian right away for an assessment. Our vet will help to warm your pet and will provide treatment for any ailments they have acquired from the cold weather.

Visit Us for Veterinary Care

If your pet needs veterinary assistance, do not hesitate to contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton for emergency care from one of our veterinarians. Call us at (209) 477-3926 to find out more information today.

What do you do to protect your pet during the wintertime? Share your tips in the comments.