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Pet Surgery at a Stockon Animal Hospital

The idea of surgery may have you worried sick about your pet’s health. Your Stockton veterinarian can alleviate your fears by explaining all aspects of the procedure. At Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, we share your concerns for your pet’s welfare and want you to feel confident in our veterinary care. Here are some questions you should ask before scheduling your pet for surgery.  

What Exactly Is My Pet’s Diagnosis?

You can’t make decisions about surgery unless you fully understand your pet’s diagnosis. Your Stockton veterinarian can explain your pet’s condition in detail so you’re aware of what’s happening with his health. If your pet needs a costly or complicated surgery, you may want a second opinion.

What Are the Options for Treatment?

Surgery is one of various options for treatment at our animal hospital. We’ll explain all your options and recommend the one we feel is best. That way you can make an informed decision concerning your pet’s care.

What Are the Risks and Complications of Surgery?  

All surgeries come with risks. With some procedures, the risks are small, but they’re still there. We’ll explain the risks and possible complications of your pet’s procedure so you can be better prepared to handle his post-op care.

How Experienced Is My Vet?

Don’t be afraid to ask about your vet’s surgical experience. It’s only natural for you to want what’s best for your pet. At Venetian Pet Hospital, we have ample experience in orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries and can offer your pet quality veterinary care.  

What Are My Pet’s Prospects for Recovery after Surgery?

It depends on the surgery and severity of his condition. Some pets take months to recover from an orthopedic surgery, even with quality post-op care. We’ll be candid in sharing our professional viewpoint concerning recovery so you’ll know what to expect.

See Your Stockton Vet for Pet Surgery

To schedule a pet surgery at our animal facility, contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton at 209-477-3926.