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May is Puppy/Kitten Awareness Month

Adopting a new puppy or kitten can be very exciting, but it does come with a lot work. Your new puppy or kitten will need veterinary care so that they can be healthy throughout his or her life. At Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, we can help you keep your pet healthy and happy with our veterinary services. Here are some pet services our animal hospital provides so that your puppy or kitten can achieve optimal health.

Schedule a Wellness Exam

Bring your new pet to our animal hospital for a wellness exam at your earliest convenience. Baby animals are susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Our Stockton veterinarians can give your new pet a thorough checkup to ensure he or she is in the best of health.

During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll check his or her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth for signs of sickness or disease. We’ll listen to his or her heart and lungs and inspect his or her skin and joints. We’ll recommend parasite control medications and we can offer nutritional counseling for your pet to start him or her off on a nutritious diet.


Puppies and kittens will undergo a series of vaccinations to protect them against diseases. We’ll start your pet’s vaccinations between 6-8 weeks of age and continue until he or she is 16 weeks old. Boosters will then be given annually or as scheduled by our Stockton veterinarians.

Dental Exam

Your new pet’s wellness checkup isn’t complete without a dental exam. We’ll check your pet’s teeth and gums to ensure they’re in good health. Good oral health will enable your pet to eat hearty meals to grow healthy and strong.


It’s important to establish good grooming habits for your new kitten or puppy right away for health and safety. We can bathe, trim, and brush your pet’s fur and trim his or her nails to keep your pet looking and feeling at his or her best.

See Our Stockton Veterinary Specialists for Quality Pet Care

For quality pet care services, bring your pet to Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton. Schedule an appointment by calling 209-477-3926 today.