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How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Here at Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, we know a pet in a home can bring happy memories, be a caring companion, and even lower stress levels of its owner. However, there are some unpleasant factors to think of while caring for a beloved animal in your home. To make your home the best pet-friendly environment, here are some of our veterinary helpful tips:

1) Buy/install stain-resistant fabrics- As much as we love to snuggle with our beloved pet, most animals do shed or drool. It can become a pain to try to clean it up and remove any stains or odors that are left behind. Buying the right fabrics or furniture can save time and money. You should avoid velvets, twee, and silk. They will cause more rips or tears compared to fabrics like microfiber.

2) Watch out for hazards- Remember, an animal is also like having a child. Keeping items like medications and certain foods out of reach will prevent sickness or even death. You should also have a local animal hospital phone number on hand. 

3) Try matching your decor with your pet's hair- blending the colors will help reduce the chance of seeing cat or dog hair everywhere. 

4) Buy some trash bins with lids- this can help avoid unwanted garbage from being tossed all over the kitchen floor. 

5) Find a place they can call “home”- Pets want to feel at home as much as we do. Designating a room or section of your home for your pet can help keep them safe and comfortable. You can also buy a dog bed or cat pillow that only they will use. 

To learn more on how to care for your animals, check out our veterinarian website for more articles to read. 

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