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When to Get Vaccinations for Your Pet from Your Stockton Veterinarian

Pet Vaccinations At Your Stockton Veterinarian

With the acquisition of timely vaccinations from Venetian Pet Hospital, you can help your pet remain protected against contagious diseases circulating through the environment. Each type of pet requires different vaccine protocols at various developmental stages to remain protected throughout life. Navigating this process by yourself can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, you can partner with your Stockton veterinarian to learn about the vaccination schedule that will benefit your pet the most. Utilize this guide to learn more about vaccinations for pets before you go to your veterinary visit.

Dog Vaccinations

For protection against parvovirus, distemper, and other harmful conditions, puppies receive several doses of core vaccinations across their first year of life. As your puppy grows older, your veterinarian in Stockton will help you determine if the non-core vaccines could offer your animal even more protection. Your vet will look at your location and pet’s overall risk levels in determining if Bordetella, leptospirosis, or canine influenza vaccines could benefit your dog. Adult dogs receive boosters of core and non-core vaccinations to maintain their immunity levels for life.

Vaccinations for Cats

Felines follow a similar vaccination schedule to dogs with kittens starting the core vaccines at eight weeks and receiving boosters through the first year. Stockton veterinary clinics will provide core vaccinations for cats that protect against panleukopenia virus, calicivirus, herpesvirus, and rabies. Kittens and cats can also receive non-core vaccines that protect against specific pathogens in their local environment. The non-core vaccines for cats may protect against feline infectious peritonitis, Bordetella, and Chlamydophila felis. Adult cats should have booster shots administered yearly by your veterinarian.

Finding the Right Stockton Veterinary Care Schedule 

Your Stockton veterinary expert can provide optimal vaccination recommendations to best support the health of your pet. You can discuss this matter at each of your pet’s wellness appointments through the first year and beyond. To schedule an appointment with your trusted veterinarian, call Venetian Pet Hospital at 209-477-3926 to find the most convenient time and date for your visit.