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  • Heat Dangers for your Pet: Recognize the Signs and Protect Your Pet
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Heat Dangers for your Pet: Recognize the Signs and Protect Your Pet

Heat Dangers for your Pet: Recognize the Signs and Protect Your Pet

At Venetian Pet Hospital, we offer veterinary care services to residents in Stockton, California. During the summer months, in particular, a focus of our veterinarian treatments relates to dangerous heat situations. The summer sun and heat can affect any animal, so it's important to understand how the heat will affect the health and wellness of your pet. 

How Can Heat Affect Your Pet?

One of the first things you should understand about the relationship of your pet with heat and the sun is that your pets are vulnerable to the heat, and they rely on you to protect them. Here are just a few of the ways that heat can affect your pet, and some tips on how you can mitigate the potentially dangerous situation. 


You've probably already considered dehydration as a possible issue for your pet since it's also something that you experience. For any animal that is outside in the heat, you must provide drinkable water. The signs of dehydration can include panting, loss of appetite, a dry nose, lack of energy, or even vomiting. Consult with your Stockton veterinarian or bring your pets into our animal hospital to learn how to support the needs of your animal. 

Heat Exhaustion

An animal can also experience more extreme reactions to heat to the point of exhaustion. The symptoms of panting are more pronounced, but heat exhaustion can also include vomiting and diarrhea similar to dehydration. You may also see your pet collapse or appear uncoordinated in his or her movements. Call us, here at the Stockton veterinary hospital, and then bring your pet down right away. 


Temperatures continue to rise and you may not always consider how the blistering heat of the pavement will affect the pads of your pet's feet. You may just carry your animal in a pet carrier or in your arms, but that's not always possible with larger animals. Or, your favorite pal may get excited and run out before you can stop him or her. The important thing to remember is that burns can and do happen. When your pets experience severe burns, be sure to contact your veterinarian right away. 

Contact Venetian Pet Hospital to Schedule a Veterinary Consult

At Venetian Pet Hospital, our veterinarian team is here to make sure that we offer the best possible care and support for you and your pets. We want to help prevent any heat-related injuries by educating you about the signs and symptoms to watch out for. During our consults, we're here to answer your questions and offer tips for caring for your pets in the summer heat. We understand that heat-related accidents do happen. When a heat-related incident does happen, call us right away, so we can address any serious medical issues. We'll discuss whether it's something where we recommend bringing your animal into our veterinary hospital, but either way, we'll offer recommendations for immediate care that will hopefully help your pet feel better. 

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