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Poisonous Plants

The Dangers of Poisonous Plants to Pets

Most pet owners know they need to keep their pets away from poison ivy and poison oak, but did you know that common plants and flowers like lilies, daisies, and peonies can also harm your pet if ingested? At Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, we’ve compiled the following list of toxic plants to help warn pet owners of the dangers of poisonous plants to pets.

Holiday Plants

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be thinking of decorating your home with popular holiday plants like mistletoe, poinsettias, or holly. These plants, however, are quite toxic to pets. If ingested, they can make your kit or pup very sick. For your pet’s sake, reconsider decorating with these holiday plants.

Bouquet Flowers

Some of your favorite bouquet flowers could very well pose a threat to your pet's health. These include Easter lilies, Calla lilies, tulips, and others. Bringing these flowers into your home puts your pet at risk of toxic poisoning.

Other bouquet flowers that are dangerous to dogs and cats are Baby’s Breath, Carnations, Dahlias, Bird of Paradise, and Irises. If you’re going to bring these flowers into your home, keep them well out of reach of your pet. If your pet ingests any of these flowers, contact our Stockton veterinarian or bring him to our animal hospital for veterinary care right away.

Garden Plants

Even with close supervision, your pup may come across poisonous plants outdoors that can threaten his health. By becoming familiar with plants that are harmful to pets in your area, you can be on guard against them. Some common garden plants that are toxic to dogs and cats include Azaleas, Gardenias, Buttercups, Primroses, Hyacinth, Ivy, and Gladiolas. The leaves of Yew and Red Maple trees also pose a risk to your pet and many poisonings from these occur in the fall.

See Your Stockton Veterinarian for Plant Poisoning

If your pet ingests a poisonous plant, bring him to our animal hospital for treatment. Our veterinary experts will provide prompt, effective care. For quality veterinary services you can trust, contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton at 209-477-3926 today.