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Ear Mites

Ear Mites Can Cause Great Discomfort for Your Pet

Venetian Pet Hospital is your Stockton veterinarian for all of your pet's needs. From regular check-ups, vaccinations, and care, to treatments for illnesses and parasites, such as ear mites, in your dog or cat. We serve the area with the best care available, so do not delay bringing your pet in for relief from anything that ails them.

Signs of Ear Mites in Your Dog or Cat

The first sign of ear mites is ear scratching. A little scratching is within the range of normal for an animal. However, when a pet has ear mites, the scratching can become incessant. This is often the first thing people notice when they discover their pets have ear mites. Dogs and cats may also repetitively shake their heads back and forth to get rid of the itchy feeling.

Progressive signs of ear mites are brown or red crust around your pet’s ears on the fur and even reddish-brown specks on the pet's bedding where they scratch so much. You may notice scratch marks around your pet’s ears. Inside the ears, you may see black, coffee-ground-like residue. This is a sure sign that your pet has a mite infestation.

Do not fret if your dog or cat shows these symptoms. Treatment is relatively straightforward and prognosis for full recovery is likely. Medication applied to the ear is most likely the solution. If you have one pet in your home that needs the treatment for ear mites, then all of them will, as ear mites are highly communicable. You will also need to clean all of your pet's bedding and repetitively clean their ears and reapply the medication. Ear mites are both uncomfortable and painful. If left untreated they can lead to hearing loss.

Contact Us for an Appointment if Your Pet Is Showing Signs of Ear Mites

Call us for an appointment at Venetian Pet Hospital if your pet shows any signs of ear mites or other parasites. We have effective treatment and prevention plans for your pet. We treat the pets in Stockton with quality veterinary care. Call today, (209) 477-3926.