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Microchipping Can Save Your Dog

Why Microchip your Stockton Pet?

A pet that strays from home can't tell anyone his phone number or contact information, and if he is separated from his collar, you could lose him permanently. Your Venetian Pet Hospital vet can reduce this risk by implanting a microchip under your pet's skin. Learning more about this painless and beneficial veterinary procedure can help you protect your pet and give you peace of mind about his safety.

How Microchips Work

A pet microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted permanently just under your pet's skin. The chip is similar to a bar code on an item in a store. Any veterinarian can scan your pet and get the chip number that’s linked to your contact details. If your pet is lost, the finder could take your pet to be scanned, and if a chip is present, you'll be reunited quickly. A microchip is not a tracking device, so it won't tell you where your pet is, but it will allow anyone with a scanner to reconnect you with your missing pet.

How Microchips Are Inserted

The insertion process is simple and painless for the animal. We'll see you both during an office visit, and our vet will use a needle to inject the chip under your pet's skin. Once in place, the chip can't be lost or removed, so it serves as a permanent form of identification. If your pet is ever lost, whoever finds your pet can simply take him to a veterinarian or shelter for scanning.

Protect your Pet with a Microchip

A chip is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get you reunited with your pet, and your Stockton veterinarian can implant one in minutes during a single visit. If you are concerned about your pet's welfare and want to be sure you can be reunited if you are separated, make an appointment with Venetian Pet Hospital and get a microchip today.