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Holiday Fun With Your Pet

Holiday Fun with Your Pet

The holidays are a time for warmth, closeness with family and friends, good food, decorations, good food, presents, and emotionally uplifting music. Our furry friends also sense the difference in their families and want to join the festivities. The difference in everyone’s behavior can also cause them anxiety. The Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton CA wants to share ways to include them in the holiday fun.

Good Food

Our furry companions wait anxiously as we cook to make sure they don't miss anything good falling on the floor. While you're at it, why not cook treats for your them? Your veterinarian knows recipes for healthy pet treats. They can enjoy a healthy holiday dinner as well as finding treats in their stocking on Christmas Day.

Light Displays

Several cities and towns put up light displays from mid-December into January. Lights often pulse to playing music, creating a wonder for all to see and hear. Your furry buddies will enjoy these displays as much as you and the kids do. Some cites also offer photo ops and food for guests visiting their displays.

Watch Holiday Movies Together

Snuggle up with your furry companion and watch holiday movies together. Snoopy is a holiday favorite as well as the mouse who broke the town's Christmas clock, or the Night Before Christmas. Make some healthy treats for your furry friend to enjoy while you snack on popcorn.

Adopt A Furry Companion

Taking your furry friend caroling or on a holiday hike through decorated neighborhoods allows them to participate in the holiday fun. If you don't have a pet, your veterinary or animal hospital can tell you where to adopt one to share in the holiday festivities.

Our animals are part of the family; they think they're people, too. It does them good to include them in the holiday fun according to your veterinarian's advice. If you have to ask a veterinary animal hospital how to obtain one of your own, then some cat or dog or even both will benefit from having a family to love. Check with Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton to learn more about it.