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Importance of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Our Venetian Pet Hospital Discusses The Importance Of Spaying & Neutering Your Pet

If you have a dog or cat, and you do not intend on having your pet breed, the Spay & Neuter process is necessary to eliminate this possibility. Contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton to make an appointment with our veterinarian to discuss the procedure. Here is some information about spaying and neutering to read over as well.

The Spay & Neuter Process

The procedure of having a Spay & Neuter surgery is one that removes the capability for a dog or cat to reproduce. The ovaries of a female pet are removed, taking away the ability for the dog or cat to ovulate. The testicles of a male dog or cat are removed, eliminating the chance of reproduction with a female animal to occur.

The Benefits Of Spaying And Neutering

In addition to eliminating the possibility of unwanted kittens or puppies being born, spaying or neutering your pet has other benefits as well. A spayed female will no longer go into heat, which means the end of excessive wailing and crying at the time the pet ovulates. Cancer of the reproduction organs will also decrease for female pets. Pets that are not neutered are often aggressive in nature. Male cats also tend to mark their territory by urinating on objects in a home. This behavior often subsides after surgery. Testicular cancer is also eliminated after neutering is conducted.

When To Have A Pet Spayed Or Neutered

Our veterinarian will conduct a complete evaluation of the health of your pet to determine whether they are a candidate for spaying or neutering. In most cases, the procedure can be done from a relatively young age if desired. This exam will verify the pet's age and overall capability to handle anesthesia and the recovery process.

Contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, CA Today!

If you have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered, contact Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton to make an appointment to see our veterinarian for an assessment before scheduling a surgical session. Reach out to us by calling (209) 447-3926 today.