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Does My Dog Really Need a Yearly Vet Visit?

Why You Should Get Annual Pet Exams with Your Stockton Veterinarian

Veterinarian playing with a dog

Your dog is a member of your family. And since you find it normal to bring each member of your family to the doctor every year for an annual checkup, why would you not do the same for your beloved animal companion. People who wonder whether their pet truly needs a yearly pet exam should know that the answer is a resounding “yes!”

The Importance of Getting an Annual Pet Exam

Your Stockton veterinarian knows that you only want what’s best for your dog. Each year, you’ll be happy that you can bring the canine into our state-of-the-art facility for its annual pet exam.

Approximately 85% of cats and dogs that come into the vet (for any reason) will have some form of dental disease that needs immediate intervention. If you’re not doing your part by brushing your dog’s teeth at home, this is a task that you should take care of during the next appointment.

The world of veterinary science keeps advancing. With new diagnostic tests and new standards of care being developed, you will want to take advantage of innovations to help keep your pet in the healthiest possible state.

Keep in mind that dog and cat years are about 5 times that of humans, so your cute puppy or kitten will become a senior citizen before you realize it. This underscores just how crucial regular pet exams are, because when your animal ages, it is more likely to develop conditions that require maintenance and regular checkups.

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Now that you have a better sense of the importance of regular visits to the vet for an exam, this is a good opportunity to arrange for a wellness checkup. To learn more about what we look for during pet exams or to book an appointment, please contact the team at Venetian Pet Hospital today.