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Common Myths about Fleas

Common Myths about Fleas Debunked By Your Veterinarian in Stockton

Dog scratching due to fleas

Fleas are a fact of life for most pet owners. Your boisterous pet dog or cats wants to go outside and play, and unfortunately, this is where the fleas live and they love to jump on our animal companions. Before you come in for a flea control visit to your veterinarian in Stockton, we’d like to address some common myths about fleas, to set the record straight.

Myths About Fleas

Here are myths about fleas that we hear all the time from people entering Venetian Pet Hospital:

  • You don’t need to be concerned about fleas during the winter season: Fleas do prefer it when the weather is warm and that’s why they try to get inside when it’s cold outside. Fleas will find shelter in nests as well as inside your living room!
  • Garlic will defeat fleas: This is an old wife’s tale that should be put to rest by now. Garlic is actually bad for cats and dogs because it can harm their red blood cells, leading to a dangerous case of anemia. 
  • My pet is not scratching, so, therefore, there are no fleas: This is a big myth. The absence of scratching and biting does not signify a lack of fleas. Fleas can infect your pet with diseases even when not biting the animal.

Take Care of Your Pet’s Flea Problem at Venetian Pet Hospital

We are a family-friendly pet hospital and have a pet-friendly waiting room, so you can rest assured that your animal will be content and safe when inside our facility.If you happen to have any questions or concerns about what’s involved in taking care of fleas on your animal companion or if you are already set to make an appointment for service, please connect with Venetian Pet Hospital today.