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Post Surgery Care

Pets sometimes require surgery to treat certain injuries and illnesses. At Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, CA, we provide post-surgery care for pets and post-surgery instructions for at-home care. Good post-surgery care is critical for a fast and complete recovery.

Post-Surgery Care Our Veterinarians Provide

Post-Surgery Care Our Veterinarians Provide

After surgery, your pet will be carefully monitored by our veterinary team. Our veterinarians may wish to keep your pet in our animal hospital for a period of time to continue IV fluids or other treatments. When your pet is sufficiently stabilized and fully wake from the anesthesia, you will be allowed to bring him or her home.

Common Post Surgery Problems

Complications after pet surgery are very rare, but they do occasionally occur. Common problems include bleeding at the incision, swelling redness, tenderness at the incision site, and oozing of the incision. These can be signs of an infection that should be treated by our veterinarians immediately. In most cases, your pet will be able to move around minimally soon after surgery. However, some types of surgery may require keeping your pet fully restricted from any activities so that the incisions does not open and to ensure proper healing. Keep your pet in a safe and quiet place, such as in a small room or pen, so that you pet can take time to recover before returning to normal activities. 

Pet Owners Play an Important Role in Recovery after Surgery

Owners play a critical role in helping their pets recover after a surgical procedure. Our Stockton veterinarians will provide detailed instructions to help you care for your pet properly. The list may include instructions for wound care, limiting exercise, feeding, and administering medications. Follow the instructions carefully and report any unusual symptoms to our animal hospital. Your pet will be back to normal in no time.

If you have any questions regarding at-home care after your pet’s surgery, feel free to give our veterinary team a call. We are able to help answer any questions that you may have.

Contact Our Stockton Veterinarians for Post-Surgery Care

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