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Senior Pet Wellness

Senior Pet Wellness and Care

Due to advances in veterinary care, pets are living much longer today than in the past. If you own a senior pet, you’re probably concerned about his quality of life. At Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton, we can help you monitor and maintain your senior pet's health so you can enjoy his companionship for years to come. By discussing senior pet wellness with a Stockton veterinarian, you can learn more about your pet’s care in his golden years.

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Pets today are considered a member of the family. As such, pet owners are more in tune with their care. Quality home care combined with advanced veterinary care has resulted in pets living longer, healthier lives. Veterinarians today are more knowledgeable about diagnosing and treating age-related pet diseases. As a result, your pet can benefit from higher quality medical care.

Senior Life Stage

Pets vary in how they age, according to their breed. Small dog breeds, for example, often live longer lifespans than large breeds. Cats generally live longer than dogs. Rather than set a specific age for pets to be considered senior, vets measure this stage by a pet’s level of decline in his physical and mental health, immune health, and sensory perception. As your pet ages, he's more prone to developing health conditions like cancer, heart and liver disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Your pet’s health is greatly influenced by his environment, nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, and overall care.

Signs of Illness

By tuning in to your pet’s actions and behavior, you can recognize the signs of aging or illness in the early stages, so your pet can receive treatment before irreparable damage occurs. Senior pets have developed specific routines, habits, and behaviors over the years. A major change in one or more of the following areas could be a sign of a health problem or disease:

  • Loss of appetite and drastic weight loss
  • Change in urine or stool patterns
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Relentless coughing
  • Weakness that affects physical activity  
  • Bad breath or excessive drooling
  • Disorientation
  • Seizure/convulsions

Preventive Care

Through preventative veterinary care, we can detect and treat pet illnesses in their early stages so your pet doesn’t have to suffer unnecessarily. Having your senior pet checked twice annually could help him live a healthier life. A checkup for your senior pet may include a physical exam, dental exam, blood work, urine test, blood pressure test and x-rays. Your veterinarian may also suggest changes to your pet’s home care to improve his health as he ages like dietary adjustments, and changes to his exercise or sleep habits, etc. You may even need to change your home environment to protect him against accidents and accommodate his physical limitations.

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