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Pet Dental

Pet Dental Offered with Your Stockton Veterinarian

Pet Dental

You probably see your dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year; your pet needs to have the same care for its teeth. Veterinary pet dental care isn't just a matter of making your pet's teeth look clean and breath smell sweet. At the Venetian Pet Hospital, we make pet dentistry an important part of every regular pet wellness examination. Your pet's dental health is tightly connected to its overall health, making its oral hygiene one of the most important parts of its preventative care.

Pet Dentist Talks Dental Exams

During its annual wellness checkup, our veterinarian will do a thorough examination of your pet's mouth. He'll look for loose or missing teeth, excess tartar on the surface of the teeth, a tongue that's swollen or red, pale or swollen gums, and even extremely bad breath. Any of these symptoms could be a sign of a more serious medical issue, and we'll address it right away.

Tartar is one of the most serious dental problems your pet can have. After your pet eats, sticky plaque forms on its teeth, and if it's not cleaned away it will harden into a yellow substance called tartar. This substance has microscopic holes on its surface that are the perfect place for bacteria to grow. This gives germs the opportunity to thrive in your pet's mouth and, eventually, move down into its blood system. This can affect your pet's heart, liver, and other organs, causing serious illness or even death.

Ways Our Veterinary Dentist Can Help

Almost all pets will have a tartar problem by the age of three, so it's something our team has dealt with quite frequently. We'll make an appointment to take care of your pet's tartar when the vet decides it's time. We'll administer general anesthesia for your pet's safety, to keep it calm and unharmed.

Once your pet's teeth are clean and it's back home with you, you'll need to get into the habit of brushing your pet's teeth at least once a week to help prevent the tartar from coming back. Our team will be happy to teach you how to brush your dog's or cat's teeth. It's a learning process that is going to take time, but with care and patience your pet will learn to allow you to care for its teeth without stress.

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Veterinary dentistry is just one of the many services we offer at the Venetian Pet Hospital. Give us a call at (209) 477-3926 to schedule an appointment and we'll be happy to allow you and your pet to tour our facilities.