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Orthopedic Pet Surgery

Our Stockton Veterinary Team Excels in State-of-the-Art Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Veterinarian with a dog who just had orthopedic surgery

Like humans, dogs and sometimes other animals may require orthopedic surgery; this is a specific type of surgery primarily addressing disorders of the bones and joints. At the Venetian Pet Hospital, our Stockton veterinary staff is happy to offer orthopedic pet surgery and consults for your animal in need, and we utilize advanced training, clinical experience, and top-of-the-line equipment to help make sure your pet's experience and outcome is as positive as possible.

Common Causes for Pet Orthopedic Surgery

In many cases, surgery can help relieve your pet's signs and symptoms of an injury, restore its normal function, and help it participate in daily activity more comfortably. The following are a few of the most common diagnoses we'll see at our clinic in dogs and other animals requiring pet orthopedic surgery:

  • Ligament and tendon repairs and reconstructions (e.g., cruciate ligament)
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia repairs and other types of limb or joint deformity repairs
  • Joint replacements (e.g., elbow, hip, and knee aka "stifle" in dogs)
  • Arthroscopies
  • Fracture repair surgeries

Certain breeds of animals may be more at risk for certain health conditions which may require orthopedic surgical correction. It's important to discuss your pet's unique health risks thoroughly with our Stockton veterinarian team so you can do everything you can to help keep your pet's bones, joints, and other connective tissues healthy and injury-free.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Orthopedic Surgery with Our Stockton Veterinary Team

Before any type of surgery at our Stockton veterinary facility, our team will meet with you and your pet to complete a thorough examination and history, review our clinical recommendations, and provide the necessary pre-operative instructions you'll need to know before bringing your animal in for its procedure. 

During the procedure itself, your animal will be closely monitored while under general anesthesia so that she or he stays safe, calm, and comfortable. Several factors will determine how long the procedure takes, how much it'll cost, whether your animal needs to stay overnight, and what type of post-operative instructions you'll need to follow. It's important you keep any sutures and incisions clean and dry and that you monitor for (fortunately rare) signs of post-sedation complications. 

Contact Venetian Pet Hospital Today to Schedule a Consultation

Our Stockton veterinarian staff is honored to provide our area with excellent and effective orthopedic procedures for our beloved pets, including knee surgery. If you'd like to schedule an initial consultation or have a question about your pet's health, then contact the Venetian Pet Hospital today by calling (209) 477-3926.