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Spay and Neuter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Spay and Neuter Services from our Stockton Veterinarian 

If you live near Stockton CA and are thinking about having your pet neutered or spayed, we encourage you to contact the Venetian Pet Hospital. Our experienced veterinarian team would be happy to perform this important procedure for your beloved cat or dog. 

Family with neutered dog

What is Spay and Neuter Surgery?

A spay (done on female cats and dogs) and neuter (done on male cats and dogs) is a relatively simple surgical procedure that will make your pet unable to produce offspring. Small incisions are made and parts of the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus in females, testes in males) are removed.

While all surgical procedures come with some inherent risk (for issues like infections, bleeding, and anesthesia complications), our experienced vet team uses the most advanced techniques and equipment possible to ensure that our spay and neuter procedures go as smoothly as possible. We perform literally hundreds of them per year!

What are the Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet?

Spay and neuter procedures offer a few specific benefits for cats and dogs. For one thing, their risks of certain reproductive cancers are drastically reduced or eliminated. Additionally, animals that have been neutered or spayed tend to exhibit fewer behavioral problems such as aggression, wandering, and territorial marking (and menstruation, for that matter!). Plus, research suggests that spayed and neutered animals actually live longer!

But the benefits of spay & neuter go beyond your pet—it's actually good for the community at large! By preventing unwanted pet pregnancies and litters, spaying and neutering prevents overcrowding in animal shelters (where sadly millions end up being euthanized every year) as well as problems associated with strays and other animal cruelty issues. 

Plus, having your pet spayed or neutered is far less expensive than costs associated with pregnancy, whelping, and litter care!

When Should I Schedule My Pet's Spay or Neuter Procedure?

As long as your pet is healthy, she or he can be spayed/neutered as young as eight weeks old, although three to six months is typical. Before you bring her in, we'll be sure to review with you how to prepare your animal for surgery and how to care for him or her following the operation (keeping the incision clean, looking out or signs of complications, etc.). 

Is Your Pet Ready for a Spay or Neuter? Contact Our Stockton Veterinarian Team at Venetian Pet Hospital 

Contact our friendly staff today so we can get you set up for a spay or neuter consultation. We want your cat or dog to be as healthy as possible throughout life, so be sure to ask us about our other services! Call (209) 477-3926.